Custom Orthotics: The Benefits Extend Far Beyond Foot Pain


Let’s face it - not everyone is born with a perfect pair of feet. Even if they begin that way, life can throw obstacles at you that make your feet hurt, in some cases, every day. Certain shoe styles, medical issues such as diabetes, and even sports can create imperfections in your feet that result in pain and slow your stride. Today Dr. Ross Cohen of The Foot & Ankle Center of Maryland is sharing information regarding how custom orthotics can help.

Why Custom Orthotics Work Better Than Their Generic Counterparts

Also known as arch supports or shoe inserts, custom orthotics are specially designed to support problem area in your feet. They can relieve heel pain, help compensate for a toe joint deformity, and/or lift an arch.

And when it comes to orthotics, custom is key. Unlike generic, mass-produced inserts that are available over the counter or online, custom orthotics are custom-made specifically for your unique foot. They provide support precisely where you need it and are formed to fit the size and contours of your feet.

The Numerous Health Benefits Of Custom Orthotics

Getting a custom fit for your orthotics can help you in the following ways.

Improves foot irregularities. While discomfort is your main symptom, in many cases, core structural malformation is often the culprit. So rather than disguising your pain, custom orthotics correct the underlying cause, such as high or collapsed arches.

Pressure relief. Custom orthotics offer support and cushioning as they rearrange the pressure that your feet experience during normal, everyday activities. This is helpful if you have arthritis or you stand for extended periods throughout the workday. Orthotics also help thwart pressure ulcers and other foot irregularities related to diabetes.

Improves the health of your knee, ankle, and back. You can benefit from custom orthotics if you’re experiencing pain in your back, ankles, or knees, all of which depend on your feet to maintain a healthy range of motion and proper alignment.

Problems in your feet can lessen mobility and cause pain in your muscles, tendons, and joints as your stance or stride readjusts to compensate for foot pain. By returning your feet to their proper alignment, custom orthotics can help prevent these issues.

Boosts overall health and athletic performance. Whether you’re a younger athlete who is just getting started or a seasoned warrior, foot deformities can negatively affect your activities. Custom orthotics can help conquer the pain that is limiting your performance.

For more details about what custom orthotics can do for your feet - and your overall health - contact the office of Dr. Ross Cohen of The Foot & Ankle Center of Maryland today to schedule a consultation. You can call the office at (410) 761-3501 or request an appointment online.