Aging Feet: What to Expect


We pound our feet on the ground with a force three to four times our body weight on them when we jog. And many of us subject our feet to poorly fitting shoes or hazardous heels. Given these strains and stresses, it's a wonder the foot doesn't rebel. But sometimes it does, especially as we age. And because this is Healthy Aging Month, Dr. Ross Cohen of The Foot & Ankle Center of Maryland is sharing information regarding changes you can expect to see in your feet as you get older.

Here are six things you may not know about your aging feet:

1. Obesity can elevate your risk of foot pain. As a person’s body mass index escalates from the normal range to obesity, so do the odds that they will experience foot pain as they age.

2. Loss of fat in the feet can make you more vulnerable to foot pain. We all have fat under our feet that absorbs shock.  As we get older, that fat padding can deteriorate. Custom orthotics can help wherever you need extra padding.

3. When the blood flow is compromised, it can cause foot pain or worsen existing pain. There are several factors that can affect blood flow, including whether you have diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, blood clots, or you smoke.

4. Foot conditions become more common with age.  Hammertoesfungal infections, calluses and corns, and bunions can develop at any age. But some certain foot ailments become more common as people age. If you experience persistent pain or swelling in the foot, it’s time for a visit to your podiatrist.

5. Ignoring your feet can lead to pain in other parts of the body. When you’re shopping for shoes, always have your feet measured, because even though the rest of your body stopped growing a long time ago, you need to have your feet measured through all phases of your life.

6. Tend to your feet daily. Cleanse your feet daily and dry them thoroughly. Use a moisturizer to prevent cracked skin. Also, examine your feet looking for sores, blisters, wounds, or corns and calluses.

Even if you don't have a problem with your aging feet, it’s essential that you have your feet checked regularly by your podiatrist. Contact the office of Dr. Ross Cohen of The Foot & Ankle Center of Maryland today to schedule your next visit. You can call the office at (410) 761-3501 or request an appointment online.